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US Supreme Court: Stop the Right to Abortion?

Status: 03.05.2022 07:36 am

According to Politico, the US Supreme Court is on the verge of revoking abortion rights. The draft majority commented that the court wanted to overturn a key decision of 1973.

By Claudia Saare, ARD Studio Washington

A majority of Supreme Court justices are said to have voted in favor of repealing the nationwide abortion law in the United States. The American daily “Politico” reports that this is evident from the confidential draft report of Judge Samuel Alito.

Claudia Sare
ARD Studio Washington

Important decision in 1973

This means that the main “Row v. Wade” judgment of 1973 will be reversed. The verdict allowed abortions to be performed nationwide until the fetus was possible, i.e. up to the 24th week of pregnancy. If that ruling were overturned, each state would be free to restrict or restrict abortion rights.

According to “Politico” the written report is said to have been distributed among Supreme Court judges in early February. It is unknown at this time what he did to cause the fire.

“No such right is protected by implication”

News Magazine confirmed the authenticity of the document, citing Judge Alito’s statement that “the constitution is not related to abortion and is not implicitly protected by any constitutional provisions.”

It is not yet clear whether the secret draft represents the final word of the court. It will not be final until the Supreme Court’s ruling – probably in the next two months.