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US urges Germany to express withdrawal from Afghanistan – dpa

Berlin (dpa) – The Armed Forces It is preparing to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan very soon at the urging of the US government.

The Ministry of Defense informed special politicians on Wednesday BundestackNATO mission “firm support” forces may leave the country on July 4. Since the deadline was two months in advance of the procedure, there may be obstacles in retrieving the item, which may have to be postponed if necessary.

The United States has decided to withdraw by September 11, the 20th anniversary of the Islamic State terrorist attacks. Al-Qaeda In the United States. Secretary of Defense Annegret Cromb-Karanbauer (CDU) had named a date for the withdrawal of the Pandeswer in mid-August, which would be guarded by the last U.S. troops to leave. On September 11 it was signaled from the United States that it had the wrong code.

“Currently, the firm support headquarters in Kabul is considering reducing the withdrawal period. July 4 is considered the date of withdrawal,” a German press organization spokesman for the Ministry of Defense said on Wednesday. No results.

“We are now facing a logistics mission,” the spokesman said. Pantyhose is ready for this. “In the future more needed material will be flown by the air according to its distributability on the time axis. Available air traffic space will become a decisive control variable,” he said.