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USA: 4 people died in the storm in Texas

USA: 4 people died in the storm in Texas

Heavy Storm At least four people have been killed in and around the Texas city of Houston. Fire Department Chief Samuel Pena said that two of them were killed by falling trees. Another person died in the crane overturn. No further information was available on the fourth victim.

A violent storm with winds of 160 kilometers per hour is expected to hit the southern metropolis America pulled over, Mayor John Whitmire said. There is heavy damage in the center of the city. “There's glass everywhere on the streets, the traffic lights are off,” he added. He called on residents to stay at home if possible. Schools will also be closed on Friday.

According to reports, hundreds of windows in high-rise buildings were broken due to strong winds. Also, power poles were tilted and overhead wires were damaged. According to the website, nearly a million households were still stranded Friday night Texas Without electricity. In neighboring Louisiana, which was hit by the storm, about 100,000 homes were without power.

Both states have seen 600 percent more rain than normal in the past two weeks, the weather service said, CNN reported. This is also related to climate change. A few days ago, 4 people died due to a severe storm that hit the southern part of the United States.

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