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USA: A woman in Yellowstone throws a bison into the air

Yellowstone National Park
The barbarian crucifixes a 25-year-old woman and throws her three meters into the air

Don’t get too close: A wild buffalo in Yellowstone Park in the United States.

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A young woman in Yellowstone National Park had to experience firsthand that it is better not to go near the barbarians. When she went near the animal, she was suddenly teased.

A visit with bitter consequences: In Yellowstone National Park in the United States, a 25-year-old woman was brutally stabbed and thrown into the air. The woman approached the animal a few meters away on Monday. According to the park operator. The barbarian then crucified a woman from the state of Ohio in the United States and threw her into the air about three meters away.

The young woman sustained stab wounds and other injuries and was later taken to hospital by the park’s ambulance service. “This is the first time in 2022 that someone has threatened a wildebeest (going too close to an animal) and the wildebeest has threatened that person with a spear,” it said. The incident will be investigated.

“Barbarians hurt more people than any other animal in Yellowstone”

Zookeepers reiterated their warning not to get too close to animals: “Wildlife has harmed more people than any other animal in the Yellowstone. They are unpredictable and can run three times faster than humans.”

It is necessary to keep a distance of 25 meters for large animals such as moose, picorn, deer and coyote, and 100 meters for bears and wolves: “If necessary, turn and go in the other direction.”

proof’s: “CNN“,”NPS“, With DPA material

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