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USA: Archer and Signature develop launch platforms for eVTOL

USA: Archer and Signature develop launch platforms for eVTOL

Together, the companies intend to establish Archer's air taxi service in major U.S. cities, starting with “United Airlines hubs at Newark International (EWR) and Chicago O'Hare (ORD) airports,” according to Archer. Other areas include Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Texas.

The first locations are planned to be operational in 2025. These are equipped with Beta technology like Archer and Beta At the end of last year A partnership has been signed to develop a charging network that meets General Aircraft Manufacturers Association (GAMA) standards. The charging network uses the CCS standard and is already installed at more than 20 airports in the US, with “50 new locations in development”.

“We are excited to work with Signature Aviation to develop the infrastructure needed for the future of urban aviation. By focusing on electrifying key aircraft assets in major cities like New York and Chicago, we are taking important steps to make sustainable and efficient aviation a reality,” said Archer's Chief Development and Infrastructure Officer. Brian Bernhardt said.

“We are committed to shaping the future of aviation through sustainability,” said Derek DeGrasse, Chief Commercial Officer, Signature Aviation. “This collaboration opens up new opportunities in the development and deployment of innovative sustainable aviation solutions, while giving our guests greater access to the future of urban aviation with Archer's Midnight Flight.”

Archer presented a production version of Midnight in 2022. The vertical takeoff and landing eVTOL offers space for four passengers and is operated by a single pilot. The company received certification from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in early June so it can begin commercial flight operations. However, it will not initially use Midnight, but rather regular flights.

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Original text: Chris Randall