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USA: Chocolate factory explosion killed

USA: Chocolate factory explosion killed

Many people died in an explosion in a chocolate factory.

03/25/2023 | 00:50 min

At least two people have died in an explosion at a chocolate factory in Pennsylvania. Five people are still missing, West Reading police said Saturday. Earlier, the Pennsylvania Civil Defense Agency reported five deaths, but revised this information based on new data from the county administration, which also reported two dead and five missing.

Local television station WFMZ reported the explosion at the RM Palmer Company factory in the Borough of West Reading just before 5pm local time on Friday. Six people were taken to hospital.

The cause of the explosion was initially unknown. As Mayor Samantha Cocke described, the damage was immense:

The blast was so strong that the building moved about a metre, Kak added. The damaged house should be evacuated. TV footage showed flames burning in the rubble after the blast as firefighters tried to put out the flames.

According to its website, RM Palmer has been making seasonal chocolate products since 1948 — including Easter bunnies and heart-shaped candies for Valentine’s Day.

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