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USA: David Litstone (81) evicted from hut after 27 years – then burned – Overseas News

For 27 years, David Litstone, 81, lived in his dream home on the outskirts of New Hampshire. The solar system on the roof of the hut provided him with electricity and hot water. He grew his own food and cut firewood on his own. But now Litstone is forced to leave its paradise. Because, according to a court, he lived illegally in that place for almost three decades.


The then owner of the land on the Litstone Merrimack River promised that it could only exist a few years ago. But problems started for the “River Dave” with the new owner, and the passing kayak players called the American player. Suddenly he had to leave his hut: Litstone and its rubbish had not been adequately disposed of which was a thorn in the side of the authorities. The decision to evict was made in 2017.

Litstone lovingly cared for his homePhoto: Jodi Gideon / AB

Only now was it sadly implemented: for years both sides tried to find a solution – nothing was done. Lidstone was removed from the cottage in mid-July 2021 – and remains in prison to this day. The judges promised to release him if he did not return to the cottage.

At a new court hearing on Wednesday, Litstone’s response was: “You came with your guns, you arrested me, you put me here, you have all my belongings. Keep him. I’ll be here in your uniform until I’m rotten.”

Bearders, gardeners, wood chips: Litstone wanted to live in the woods and take care of his own food

Bearders, gardeners, wood chips: Litstone wanted to live in the forest and take care of himselfPhoto: Jodi Gideon / AB

After a while, the decision to extend his prison sentence was made anyway: the cottage was completely burned down and it could no longer be inhabited – the cause of the fire was not clear! In the view of the judges, there is no longer any basis for custody.

His story touches the whole country

The tragic fate of the “Tower River” affects his friends, family and people across the country.

Aker Kayager couple Gideon, who befriended Litstone 20 years ago: “I was devastated. It’s about humanity, devotion, empathy. It doesn’t hurt anyone.”

Tragedy: While Litstone was already in prison, the cottage burned down

Tragedy: While Litstone was already in prison, his cottage burned downPhoto: /AP

Vincent, Id Litstone’s brother, said: “It simply came to our notice then. It does not matter if he is my brother or someone else’s brother. He is 81 years old. Leave him alone! “Living in the jungle is exactly the way Litstone wanted to live.

It is not yet clear where Litstone now resides. His friends and family believe in only one thing, and Gideon says: “We want him to live where he wants for the rest of the year.”

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