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USA defeats Switzerland in final of World Wheelchair B-Curling Championship

The United States won the gold medal at the Wheelchair B-Curling World Championships by defeating Switzerland 4-3 in the last match of the Gizagallio Sports Institute in Loja, Finland.

Both teams had secured their place by reaching the final at the 2021 World Wheelchair Championships, having been backed four times by Matthew Thomson, Stephen Emmet, David Samza and Badoyan Uranன்சemic before being awarded the title by substitute Pamela Wilson and coach Russell Schieber.

After five of the eight jobs, Eric Decovit, Hand Bergner, Franாய்ois Jacquard and Laurent Kupol advanced 3-0 to look for Switzerland’s gold medal.

But before stealing a single point in the seventh and eighth finals, the United States turned the game upside down by two points in sixth place and won the match with a spectacular comeback.

It all came after the U.S. team finished third, losing to Switzerland and Italy in the quarterfinals.

Italy wins bronze medal in wheelchair World Championship 2021 © WCF / Jiri Snitil

In the semifinals, the Americans beat Italy in an extra final before returning to Switzerland.

The Italian team, comprising Angela Medardi, Egidio Marchessi, Fabregio Peck and Matteo Ronzani, won the bronze medal for Germany 8: 4.

This confirms the final finish at the 2021 World Championships, which is the first time since the 2012 edition.

The 2021 World Wheelchair Curling Championship is the latest competition to collect qualifying points for the Beijing 2022 Paralympics.

The World Championships in Beijing will be a test event for the Games, which will take place from October 23 to 30 at the Ice Cube.

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