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USA: Disney and Florida Agree on Disney World's Future

USA: Disney and Florida Agree on Disney World's Future

The Disney Group and the US state of Florida have settled a legal dispute over the land of the Disney World resort complex. of the Governor Ron DeSantis According to US media reports, an appointed oversight board has approved a long-term expansion plan for Disney's theme parks. Accordingly, the entertainment group will invest up to 17 billion dollars (15.7 billion euros) in the expansion of Disney World over the next ten to twenty years.

According to reports, the plan is to build an additional theme park within Disney World, expand retail and office space, and build an additional 14,000 hotel rooms. In return, Disney will expand an affordable housing initiative and ensure that at least 50 percent of the total expansion costs go to local businesses. Florida go

The dispute between ultra-conservative Governor DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company dragged on for months. It was originally sparked by a law in Florida that banned lessons about sexual orientation and gender identity in elementary schools. Critics condemned the law as an attack on sexual minorities. Disney CEO Bob Chabeck also criticized the law and froze all of his company's political donations in Florida.

At DeSantis' instigation, Florida's legislature passed legislation restricting Disney's expansive self-governing status at Disney World. Pursuant to the law, DeSantis set up an oversight committee that has now reached an agreement with the company.

Disney's previous self-governing area was called the Reedy Creek Development District. The district was created by the Florida Legislature in 1967 to facilitate the construction of Disney World. The resort covers an area of ​​11,000 hectares, making it larger than the city of Paris.

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