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USA: Female Party – Suddenly has $ 50 billion in debt – News Abroad

Did she buy a few drinks for people all over the world ?!

American Maddie McGevern was out with her group at a bar in Santa Monica (California). When he got home from the tour, he was shocked: his account suddenly showed $ 50 billion in debt.

To be precise: – $ 49 999 999 697.98!

Cape Flores took a video on Sunday morning when he found out about his girlfriend’s bank madness and uploaded it on Dictok. The clip has been viewed ten million times so far.

You ask: “We were at a bar. When Maddie saw her hand at home, she was only $ 50 billion!” And the Debt Queen laments: “I swear to God, it really is too much. What should I do now ?!”

A day later, Maddie McGeevern’s new clip follows. In it she explains how she went about it. She called the bank and the conversation went like this:

“Hello, this is your bank … How can I help you?”

“Hi, I have $ 50 billion in debt, I don’t know why.”

“Please wait, I’ll see.”

Curiosity: A message came to Maddie McGevern that by 2099 equally high billionaires would be transferred to him. After the phone call did not continue, the bank’s visit finally helped and brought clarity.

“We had a technical problem over the weekend that affected a few accounts,” a bank spokesman said. Newsweek opposite. “We are now able to resolve the issue. All accounts show the correct amounts again.”

In the case of Maddie McGevern, that is. Is 76.28.