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USA: Guest demands return of $3,000 tip – restaurant sues him

USA: Guest demands return of $3,000 tip – restaurant sues him

The guest is demanding a $3,000 tip back from the waiter — and now the restaurant is suing him

A man in America gave his employee an unbelievable tip. But the happiness was short-lived (thumbnail)

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In America, a waiter gave a waitress an extravagant tip and then demanded his money back. The case will now be decided by the court.

Stories of unusually generous patrons who leave big tips pop up all the time—especially in America, where tipping is a significant portion of waitresses’ earnings. However, in this case, the beautiful story takes a bitter turn as the patron later asked for his money back.

What happened? In late July, a customer at an Italian restaurant in Pennsylvania handed his waiter $3,000 on a $13.25 bill. The employee couldn’t believe his luck, and media outlets like CNN picked up the story. Her boss remembers her coming into his office with tears in her eyes and telling him the amount.

Another manager of the restaurant asked the guest why he was so generous. “He said he was involved in cryptocurrencies,” he told CNN. And: “Now he tried to give something back to society”. The initial skepticism disappeared when the credit card booking went smoothly. According to the report, the employee could put the money to good use, in short: a great story for everyone involved.

Tip Refund Requested – Restaurant Case

However, the generous guest later wanted his money back and fought against the reservation. As the portal “Best Life” reported, the restaurant had already paid its employees at that time. Communicating directly with the guest didn’t bring any clarity, and there was some bashing and poking on Facebook. Why the man wanted his money back was not disclosed.

At the end of the day, there’s an ad, and the restaurant wants to file a lawsuit. One of the managers was frustrated: “The whole thing has caused a lot of nonsense and drama”. A good moment was ruined, not for the employee. He hopes the case will succeed and the guest will pay. His verdict: The man should have spared himself the whole act.

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