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USA: Herd Immunity Is At Risk – Free Drinks Should Change Opinion Against Vaccine Opponents

In Germany, almost three-quarters of the population wants to be vaccinated against COVID-19. This is the result of a recent Yukov survey commissioned by a German newspaper. In the United States, the number of dosages being administered is now stagnant, almost everywhere seen as a prototype over the past few months in terms of vaccine progress. Experts also fear that the flocks’ immunity is at risk, according to a report in the ART magazine “Weldspeakel”. Reason: Vaccine resistance.

For example, there is talk of a “hidden shot” at a bar in the state of West Virginia. Mary Fells explains in the ARD report that she does not trust her government. “Why should I take it when you’ve been pushing harder? More than the flu vaccine,” he said in an interview with American Washington correspondent Kerstin Klein. Like many of his fellow citizens, Fels not only criticizes Joe Pitton, but also his vaccination.

USA: Rural people and Trump supporters refuse

Suspicion is widespread, especially in rural areas. Often Trump supporters just refuse to be vaccinated. That’s why vaccines are stacked in conservative areas like West Virginia. Although Covit-19 vaccines are not yet available or rarely available in most parts of the world, there are numerous doses in the United States – and they need to be eradicated due to expired shelf life dates.

So pharmacist Heidi Griffith Romero is actively trying to find buyers. “It’s very hard not to waste anything. Whenever I have something, I travel around the city to find people called local businesses. It’s getting harder and harder,” he explains, holding a prototype glass bottle in front of the camera: “Here are three cans of expired Johnson & Johnson.”

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Vaccination centers attract with free drinks and lottery tickets

Appointments at Romero’s pharmacy are no longer required. If you want a “shot”, you get it right away. In order to get more people to be vaccinated again, many stores and vaccination centers come up with offers. Free drinks, savings bonds and the lottery should attract suspects.

But many of those who oppose the vaccine cannot be trusted. Conversely: skeptics like Bob Glendenning and his wife Jenny see the offer as a bribe. “I’m a free person, I want my freedom, so don’t try to take it away from me!”