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USA Insider: Kevin Torrent is dreaming of a career in the NFL! – American Games

It will be one of the biggest changes in the history of the game!

NBA superstar Kevin Durant (32) has been named in the NFL.

The Brooklyn Nets forward appeared on the Bleacher Report’s Gridron podcast. There he was asked what professional sport he would like to compete in.

Lightning response from torrent: “I can play football! I can be at least a width. There are whiteouts of 1.80 meters and over 78 kg. It is mainly on foot. “

Another term for broad receiver or recipient is whiteout. Pass recipient for throwing a quarterback. And catch up – Torrent can definitely do it!

Can Torrent really live in the NFL?

  • He is one of the best basketball players in the world, able to handle the pressure of anticipation. Considered to be very professional, the ball has a lot of feel.
  • He is 2.10 meters tall and weighs 109 kg. But it will make him the best NFL player in the wide receiver position!

For example, Mike Evans, the recipient of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is 1.95 meters tall and weighs 104 kg. Hakeem Butler of the Philadelphia Eagles weighs 102 pounds.

  • Due to his size and arm space, Durant will definitely be a terrific target for the quarterback throw. A bigger advantage than enemies!
  • However, footballers are definitely stronger and will have more flexibility when it comes to physical contact in their sport. Torrent doesn’t know it from basketball.
  • It is also questionable whether the slow forward is enough for the NFL.

The chances of actually seeing the torrent in the NFL are slim. He still has a contract with the Nets until 2023, within which he has earned 4 164 million. Although he has an exit division in 2022.

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But the life of the great Michael Jordan also shows that change in the game is not possible. The Chicago Bulls’ mega star changed from basketball to professional baseball in the 90s …


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