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USA: Legislation for short and understandable terms and conditions is planned

At least in the USA it is assumed that it will end soon: pages of terms of use that you generally accept because you do not want to read or understand them in detail.

Apple is no better than other tech companies or some development companies that provide you with endless texts that you have to agree on before you can use the program or function. Even if you don’t really know what’s really going on there and what details you agreed to. It should be together now

According to the 9to5Mac article
Change, at least in the United States. The so-called “TLDR” legal proposal stands for “Terms of Service Labeling, Design and Readability”. So you can easily register, read and view before approval. The abbreviation corresponds to the projected area of ​​the same name as “TLDR”, followed by “too long, unread”. Here in simple language, it should briefly explain what it really is, what data is collected from the users for what purposes and what the provider wants in his project. We had already posted about this

Morning Magazine

Since this is about all vulnerable users, both parties in Congress support this plan.

Congresswoman Lori Drahan, who supports the House of Representatives version, underscored the need for such a change in a press release with a compelling statistic: a 2012 study showed that the average customer in the United States would need 76 days to place an order. Terms of use for all devices and services they use. This time can really be used for the most important things – and we hope that the rules and regulations in Europe will come into force soon.

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