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USA – New South Tyrolean Daily Newspaper

USA – New South Tyrolean Daily Newspaper

“In America” ​​by Philipp Hochmeier (photo credit Stephen Bruegler)

In honor of Franz Kafka's 100th anniversary, versatile Austrian actor Philipp Hochmeir brings Kafka's seminal work “America” ​​to the stage at the Schulen Nursery on Thursday, May 30 at 7:30 p.m.

“America” ​​tells the story of a homeless man in the early 20th century.

Banished from Europe by his parents, Carl Roseman does not enjoy the promise he desires in America, but instead experiences social decline. Kafka's novel fragment “America” ​​is an exaggerated picture of myths, predictions, facts and imagination.

The journey of immigrant Carl Roseman comes to mind. From entering New York harbor to the final train ride to the great natural theater of Oklahoma, this is the odyssey of a man in search of a connection who, until the end, does not despair of his own loneliness, and perhaps finally finds it. The Oklahoma Theater was the home he was constantly searching for.

Philipp Hochmair doesn't just play Karl Rosemann in his appearance.

As a virtuoso actor, he shifts between multiple characters in a multi-faceted soliloquy every moment, presenting the novel as a solo actor's imagination and experience.

About Philipp Hochmair

The versatile Austrian actor Philipp Hochmair stepped in for the ailing Tobias Moretti as “Everyman” at the Salzburg Festival in 2018, and this year he officially takes over the role there. An all-rounder, Hochmair appeared in several theater productions, including “Werther!”, “The Trial,” and “Lenz.” In addition to his theater work, Philipp Hochmire is also active in film and television. Among others, he was seen in the movie “I've never been to New York” (2019), in several ARD “Tattert” crime films, and in the role of the politician “Joachim Schnitzler” in the ORF series “Vorstadtweiber”. ”. He has been acting in the series “Freud” since 2020. In January 2022, Hochmeir was seen in the ZDF historical film “The Wannsee Conference” in the role of SS Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich. She has received several awards for her acting achievements (including the Grazer Diaconale in 2017 and the Romi in 2019 and 2022).

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Registration is required for the evening event;

Places are limited for the evening, registration is possible below [email protected] Required by May 25th.

In lieu of an entrance fee, nursery owner Martina Schullian asks for entry Donate Bolzano night shelter for homeless people “accommodation”.

Martina Schullian co-founded the “Housing first bozen EO” association that runs “dormizil” four years ago and has since strived to bring the issue of homelessness to the center of society through campaigns and awareness work.

“In America” ​​by Philipp Hochmeier (photo credit Stephen Bruegler)

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