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USA: Rudy Giuliani loses his license

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is no longer allowed to work as a lawyer in New York State. A New York court has suspended its license following the 2020 US presidential election. Giuliani received as a lawyer Donald Trump “The courts, the legislature and the public can verify false and misleading statements,” it said on the basis of the Court of Appeal.

The court ruled that the 77-year-old’s behavior was “an immediate danger to the public.” Therefore, the discount is justified until the outstanding activities are completed. The suspension of the training license relates to Giuliani’s work in New York State. Giuliani can appeal against the court’s ruling.

In mid-November, former US President Donald Trump asked Giuliani to take legal action over the outcome of the presidential election and the victory of the Democrats. Joe Biden Show quotes. Giuliani has repeatedly said that there is no evidence that Trump lost the election against Biden as a result of a vote rigging organized by the Democrats. Many of the lawsuits filed by Trump’s lawyers in various states have failed due to lack of evidence.

Giuliani was a loyal comrade of Trump, but got him into trouble several times. He was a central figure Ukraine-The matter of initiating criminal proceedings against Rambi. Giuliani also made a serious effort Ukraine to investigate Move against Trump’s ultimately successful challenger Biden.

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