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USA: The inventor of the family becomes a coyote

United States
The family accepts what they think of as a puppy – but it turns out to be a coyote

The Cape Wildlife Center posted this photo of the young coyote on Facebook

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A family in Massachusetts, USA, thinks there is no harm in seeing an animal on the roadside in Sherborne. They think the puppy is a puppy and take the four-legged friend home. Only later did he realize that it was not a dog, but a dangerous animal.

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When the family realizes that what they found was not a dog, they immediately contact the Cape Wildlife Center for help. Because instead of the dog that animal is the coyote cub. A shock. But with the help of the Massachusetts Department of Health, the Cape Wildlife Center determined there was no risk of rabies and released the coyote cub into foster care. The little coyote is now recovering in one of the isolated wards of the Cape Wildlife Center. There is no need to leave the puppy alone, it will soon be a company.

The Wildlife Center says it has adopted a breeding sibling from the Rhode Island Wildlife Clinic and plans to bring the two coyote cubs together soon. Once they get the vaccines, they are raised together. In a large outer shell, they can now grow and have the opportunity to learn natural behavior. “We work hard to provide them with natural nurturing and try to recreate the essential behaviors and skills they learn from mom and dad,” the Cape Wildlife Center writes on Facebook.

In Massachusetts, coyotes are known to spread rabies

The family is really lucky. Because according to the Cape Wildlife Center, coyotes are considered rabies carriers in Massachusetts. If a coyote has bitten or scratched someone in the puppy family, animal welfare officials may have been forced to euthanize the puppy and test it for rabies.

Therefore, experts advise caution: “We are grateful to every person who takes the time to help wildlife when they need it, but we always encourage people to call the appropriate authorities before intervening. This will lead to a contribution to conservation. To all concerned,” the Cape Wildlife Center writes.

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