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USA: Two police officers ignore 911 call and hunt down Pokemon

The court confirms the dismissal
Because they were looking for Pokமொmon more than robbers: two U.S. police officers shot

Police radio could hear two officers searching for a rare Pokமொmon in the United States (Icon)

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A court in the United States has fired two police officers. The reason: the officers ignored the emergency call and instead went on a Pokமொmon hunt.

Two U.S. police officers have been fired for wanting to hunt down a Pokமொmon rather than respond to a robbery. The Court of Appeals in California upheld his release after two officers challenged him. According to court documents, the two men in April 2017 ignored a call for help from a supermarket and instead used their cell phones to catch imaginary creatures in the Pokemon Go game.

Police on a rare “relaxo” hunt

Pokemon Go was released in 2016 and caused a stir around the world. Players can use their smartphone to hunt down Pokமொmon in the real world that appear in different places on the map. In addition, players can compete in Pokemon matches with each other.

Records of conversations in the police car showed an officer reporting the appearance of a rare “Snorlax” Pokemon on the screen shortly after being warned about the robbery. The two then decided to go to the scene to catch the imaginary creature. For the next 20 minutes or so, officials traveled to various locations where new virtual creatures appeared, apparently discussing Pokமொmon.

USA: Court upholds dismissal for multiple offenses

Although they were able to successfully capture “Relaxo”, it was very difficult to control a “dojetic” software. Documents show an officer openly swearing when he fights with Pokemon on his cell phone.

Following the incident, several cases of abuse were registered against the two. They admitted they did not respond to the robbery call, but refused to play Pokemon Go. At the disciplinary hearing, the two insisted they only discuss the game and challenged the dismissal of the Los Angeles City Council. However, the California Court of Appeals did not believe their statements and upheld their dismissals.


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