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USV Langenlois – Aigner docks in Langenlois

USV Langenlois – Aigner docks in Langenlois

Dominik Aigner (left) spent the longest time of his football career at Rehberg. After holding two turbulent jobs at Bergeren and Gravenworth, the 32-year-old now yearns for continuity.

Horst Sommer

aThe outside lane player leaves Grafenwörth and turns to promotion ambitions.

After Erich Stumpfer left USV Langenlois for Lichtenau, the right wing had to be replaced. With Dominik Aigner comes a player who fits the profile perfectly. The connection with the club was maintained for two years. “Thanks to my friendship with Patrick Hackl, we have always been in touch,” reveals Aigner, whose reasons for the change are evident due to the sporting and economic downturn at his former team, Gravenworth. “The core of the team is not working the way I imagine it to be. I am now at an age where my football years are coming to an end, and that is why I want to redirect myself again.” According to his own statements, the 32-year-old “carefully thought” about the change, because with his team the last two places so far, Grafenwörth and before that Bergern, things have not been ideal at all.

Now Aigner is confident because he already knows a lot of the players at his new club and knows the quality of the team. The USVL's infrastructure was also crucial for the winger. Naturally, the new signing is looking to the future: “I am convinced that we will spend six successful months together.” The contract is initially only for the rest of the season. However, they will meet again in the summer. Aigner's primary aim now is to establish himself in the team with promotion ambitions.

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