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USV Raps/Thaya – The alternative proved poor morale

USV Raps/Thaya – The alternative proved poor morale

Jurgen Selod and Rapser fought for a draw against Schweigers with a weak substitute.

Nikolai Dangel

DrOnce the Raps returned against Schweigers, despite the absence of four key players.

All good things come in three games – at least that was the case for the Raps at the weekend against Schweigers. Bujdak’s team led three times and Thayastädters’ team came back three times. In the final stage, Raab’s team was closer to a late win 4-3 than Schweiger’s team, but in the end it was a draw. “You can then say when you catch the game three times that you are happy with a draw like that. But in the end we could have won,” summed up Raab’s president, Richard Zarica. After all, his team was missing four key players: player and coach Miroslav Milosevici was unable to Playing due to illness and he was already injured in the 0-0 draw against GVOL. Regular goalkeeper Marvin Sieber was also absent due to health reasons, while Juvo Vunga was unable to attend due to his training as a coach. Obviously, captain Stefan Hölzel, who suffers from a torn collateral ligament ( As reported by NÖN), he was also unable to play.

With its points win against Schweigers, Rabs Winters ranks eighth with 19 points.

Raab came from behind three times

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