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Vacation photo once again spread rumors about the place in Florida

Vacation photo once again spread rumors about the place in Florida

From Rhonda Bachmann
A simple photo from your vacation or a reference to the location of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6? A Rockstar employee posted a photo from his vacation on Instagram and GTA fans put their thinking hats on. They are analyzing whether there can be nothing behind the simple image.

There are already a lot of rumors about the upcoming GTA 6, but hardly any concrete information. That there will be Grand Theft Auto 6 The developer confirmed in 2015. In 2016, there were initial rumors that GTA 5’s long-running heir is already in progress. There is still a long time for an official announcement. According to publisher Take-Two, the lie Responsible for the premiere of GTA 6 at Rockstar Games.

One of the big questions is where GTA 6 is can play. Rumors are still burning that The next game in Florida you can play. This leaves especially fans of GTA: Vice City Sit and watch. In the game you play as Tommy Vercetti, who in 1986 subdued a city inspired by Miami.

So far, the rumors about the rumors are festering again and those rumors are spread by an innocent holiday photo. Rockstar Games Music Director and Music Supervisor Tony Masonis posted a photo from his Miami vacation on Instagram. In pink text, he asked on the photo, “Who said it’s cold???” His employer branding is Rockstar.

This brought GTA fans onto the scene. The pink streak in the Instagram post has long been associated with Vice City by gamers. As you can often read in the comments to the photo, Miami is a popular travel destination. But gamers are wondering why Rockstar Games from Mesone featured his image if that doesn’t mean anything after all.

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