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Vacationer suffered fatal electric shock in hot tub

Vacationer suffered fatal electric shock in hot tub

As a result of an electric shock In one Outdoor jacuzzi In northwest Mexico One vacationer died and his wife was seriously injured.

The incident occurred in one Holiday residential complex in Puerto Peñasco The Sonora state attorney general's office said on Wednesday that the incident occurred in the Gulf of California.

The cause of the electric shock is being investigated. According to American media reports, the victims were a couple from the US state of Texas.

According to TMZ, a woman tried to get into the hot tub when she saw the couple lying unconscious in it. She also received an electric shock.

The electronic portal relies on eyewitnesses. No information was available from the Public Prosecutor's Office. Videos circulating on social media show people screaming around a hot tub right on the beach.

Fundraising campaign to bring the body home

Friends from El Paso, Texas, have started an online fundraising campaign to bring the 43-year-old woman's body home and pay for the woman's medical treatment. Puerto Peñasco is a popular vacation spot with American tourists and is located approximately 100 kilometers from the border with the US state of Arizona.

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