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Vaccination is already mandatory in these countries

Vaccination is already mandatory in these countries

Canada announced the mandatory vaccination of its 300,000 federal employees in October, sending unvaccinated federal workers on unpaid leave. In addition, all passengers on flights, trains and ships must be able to show their Covid-19 vaccinations. In addition, all 338 parliamentarians must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 when they return to work on November 22. In Costa Rica, all civil servants were required to vaccinate in September.

Tunisia in October ordered officials, staff and visitors to present a vaccination card in order to gain access to public and private administrations. Unvaccinated employees will be suspended from work until they can show identification.

Egypt will require that public sector employees be vaccinated or take a weekly coronavirus test to work in government buildings after November 15.

Australia mandated vaccinations for high-risk elderly care workers and staff in quarantine hotels in late June. In Western Australia, all oil, gas and mining workers must receive a first dose by December 1 and be fully vaccinated by January 1.

New Zealand said in October that it would require teachers, health and disability workers to be fully vaccinated.

Fiji implemented a “no cake, no job” policy in August, under which unvaccinated civil servants are given leave, then fired if they are not vaccinated by November. Employees of private companies can also be fined and companies may be forced to close if they refuse to vaccinate.

In China, many cities and provinces have announced access restrictions for those who refuse to be vaccinated, which is very close to duty. The capital, Beijing, is calling for a boosted vaccination of critical workers on construction sites, including cooks, security guards and cleaning crews. In Hong Kong, officials, teachers and health care workers have to vaccinate against the coronavirus – or pay for regular tests themselves.

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