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Vaccination - Potential Childbirth Problems at Johnson & Johnson

Vaccination – Potential Childbirth Problems at Johnson & Johnson

Accidental contamination of 15 million doses of the Corona vaccine from Johnson & Johnson (J&J) could slow down the vaccination campaign in the European Union to contain the Coronavirus. This was reported by the German news magazine “Spiegel” this afternoon, in a preliminary report.

However, the manufacturer is convinced that regardless of the difficulties, delivery obligations to the European Union will be preserved. “We are currently assuming that we can fulfill our promise to deliver 200 million boxes to the European Commission and member states in 2021,” a company spokeswoman said. According to “Spiegel”, the spokeswoman “did not want to comment publicly” whether the delivery of 55 million boxes agreed upon with the European Union by the end of June will arrive.

The Austrian Ministry of Health recently expected the delivery of 16,800 Johnson & Johnson packages next week. Another 31,200 should follow in calendar week 17 (April 26 to May 2).

There is no delivery in the European Union yet

Last week, the US pharmaceutical company announced that millions of doses of the vaccine should be declared unusable after a factory collapse in the US It is unclear whether the alternatives will now be delivered from the Netherlands – and buyers in Europe will be left behind. According to Spiegel’s research, a large portion or even all of the J&J vaccine material previously vaccinated in the United States comes from the Janssen plant in Leiden, Netherlands.

The vaccine has been given millions of times in the United States since early March. On the other hand, the European Union has yet to receive a single dose of J&J, despite the fact that it approved the drug on March 11th. Until recently, Dutch vaccine material was only packaged in the US – and from there it appears to be no longer allowed to return to Europe. Terry Britton, European Union Internal Market Commissioner and head of the Vaccine Task Force in Brussels, SPIEGEL, said the United States had “prevented any exports”.

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Despite the production collapse, the European Union Commission is optimistic that Johnson & Johnson will fulfill its delivery obligations. A spokeswoman for the committee said that J&J recently entered into several partnerships with European companies to ensure that the vaccine is filled and completed on site. She is “confident Johnson & Johnson has the capacity to deliver 55 million declared packages in the second quarter.” (Abba)