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Valie Export creates a foundation to sustain its operation

Valie Export creates a foundation to sustain its operation

The aim is to research and place the artist's works internationally. The artist herself would like to participate.

Valie Export founded a foundation bearing her name in Vienna. The nonprofit aims to “preserve, research, make better known, and place the artist's works in an international context,” the nonprofit said in a broadcast on Thursday.

“I am very happy that my work can be secured for the future by creating this foundation, and that I personally have the opportunity to help shape and shape it,” Export was quoted as saying. The plan is to develop a program of broad works that address the public with the active participation of the artist – including in the form of studio visits to collections, opening it to students for research purposes or a regular “Valie-hour Export Office” for young artists.

The Foundation's Board of Directors includes Sigrid Guggenberger (Studio Valie Export) and Manfred Wagner, Managing Director of the tax consultancy Intercura. The Board of Trustees includes Yilmaz Dzivor (Museum Ludwig, Cologne), Sabine Foley (Art Collections of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna), Michael Loebenstein (Cinema Museum Vienna), and Thomas D. Trummer (Kunsthaus Bregenz). The Board of Trustees is chaired by the Foundation's law expert Maximilian Eiselsberg (Eiselsberg Rechtsanwälte GmbH). (Abba)

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