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Vanessa May: Candid Statement: "I'm Not Doing Everything Right"

Vanessa May: Candid Statement: “I’m Not Doing Everything Right”

Bright, full of life and in a good mood: this is how we know singers Vanessa May (29) Indeed. But the message the 29-year-old is now showing on Instagram makes her mood change. Translator “I Die for You” is open with beauty parables Regardless, which from their point of view is not useful anything.

Their focus is on the face filters that make the exterior look different with just a few clicks. Artificial make-up, skin smoothing or simply a different color: almost everything is possible on the Internet. In the past, Vanessa used these filters herself, and now she’s putting an end to it!

In the video above, you can see a charming childhood photo of Vanessa May.

Vanessa May shares these ideas with her fans

“I used the face filter again yesterday and today decided to get rid of all the filters that change my face,” Vanessa May firmly wrote on her Instagram story. variable self consciousThis comes with something that worries the singer, especially for the younger generations. “Yes, you can use it as long as you don’t disconnect from reality, but I notice that I keep slipping into ‘I can’t see myself without it,'” she explains. “Dude, that’s not good,” explains Vanessa.

Vanessa May appeals to a role model

Vanessa May would like to see a more careful approach to beauty ideals on the internet. Schlager’s lover also loves to appear on the net skillful poses And wonderful clothes, but she explains, “It’s okay to hit the shit, but we’re only human. Above all, we’re people who have a huge impact on others.”

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It is precisely this effect that must be recognized and dealt with correctly: “I am not doing everything right. I am not good for some Example. But for many, I am. I know the issues of my community. And I know that by doing this I am giving a lot of people food for thought and, most importantly, something positive for their self-esteem.”