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Vatican: Benedict’s health remains stable

Vatican: Benedict’s health remains stable

health status of Benedict XVI She remains stable.” “The Pope Emeritus slept well last night,” a Vatican spokesman said. He also attended the celebration of the Divine Liturgy in his room yesterday afternoon. His condition is currently stable.” Matteo BruniFriday afternoon.

It was reported earlier in the former Convent of the Mother of the Church in the Vatican, where the Pope Emeritus has been living for nearly ten years, that the 95-year-old, despite his health problems, is with his private secretary, Bishop George Gansweinwho celebrated the morning mass. Next to the Pope Emeritus stood Gänswein, the Vatican nurse, Brother Eligiusas well as his personal physician, Patricio Polesca.

Pope Francis On Wednesday, he told his public audience that his predecessor was “very sick”. He called to pray for the 95-year-old. He reported to the Vatican about “breathing problems” that Benedict had complained of before Christmas. His condition is said to have deteriorated in recent days.

Accordingly, to Benedict XVI. No hospitalization is planned. His residence in the Abbey of the Mater Church in the Vatican Gardens has the necessary medical equipment.

kidney problems;

It is usually a well-informed Roman Catholic daily newspaper La Croix From France, citing several sources, Benedict was treated for kidney problems. Also the Italian news agency ansa Report possible renal failure. The Vatican has not commented on this. It was only recently said that the situation is under control.

Italian Gazette Corriere della Sera He wrote on Friday that Benedict had “lost consciousness for a while” during the deteriorating phase. But already on Thursday he was said to have responded positively to treatment and was able to communicate with people again. The Bavarian native himself refused to be taken to the hospital.

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The German was elected pope in 2005 Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger He abruptly resigned from his position in February 2013. Since then he has been living in seclusion in the Vatican. A Mass for Benedict is scheduled for Friday afternoon in Rome’s Lateran Basilica, presided over by the Roman priest, Angelo Dionatiscelebrate it.