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Velimski promotes asylum solution in Rwanda |

Velimski promotes asylum solution in Rwanda |

The FPÖ's top candidate relies on deportation plans in ORF's “press hour”.

Vienna. Harald Wielimski, the leading liberal EU candidate, spoke on Sunday in favor of removing illegal immigrants from the country based on the British Rwanda model. “It's re-immigration,” said Velimski, who is once again campaigning for the EU's special commissioner for re-immigration and EU break-up. He stressed that even if someone is granted asylum, this is only temporary protection. Therefore family reunification should only take place in the country of origin.

The longtime MEP saw no legal restrictions on his deportation plans. He also pointed to the establishment of Italian refugee camps in Albania, where people taken on board by Italian authorities on the high seas will be quickly repatriated if they receive a negative result. Asylum decision.

Due to the tense situation in Europe, where there are no jobs and no infrastructure for these people, no one from outside is allowed to enter the continent. Instead, if necessary, protection and assistance must be provided outside Europe. Asylum procedures outside Europe should be awaited, and agreements such as those between Great Britain and Rwanda should be described as a model to follow. Finding partner countries with appropriate financial compensation cannot be a problem for the European Union.

By the way, Wielimski does not think it is necessary for Austria to have its own EU commissioner: the country will not miss anything and the large number of commissioners leads to over-regulation in the EU because everyone wants to show that they are working anyway. (Abba)

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