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Vendler collects a mega amount in the US

Vendler collects a mega amount in the US

Lenders in Germany don’t want that at all! Pop star Michael Wendler recently earned several hundred thousand dollars in Europe despite heavy debts. The musician sold his old property in the US state of Florida and received US$309,000 (300,000 francs) for a property in Cape Coral. Bild daily reported this.

This means that Vendler will receive nearly 6,500 francs less than originally stated in the sales ad. Nevertheless, this still represents a significant increase compared to the 237,000 francs he paid for the property in 2020.

The sale gave the Vendler family some financial flexibility again. However, the long-held dream of Michael Wendler and his wife Laura was finally shattered. They originally planned to build a dream villa on the approximately 1,100 square meter property, which would have floor-to-ceiling windows for plenty of daylight and enough space for the children.

But then the controversial singer unexpectedly decided to put the waterfront property up for sale. The decision to sell the property came shortly after the announcement of the collapsed TV deal with RTL2. The deal would have brought Vendler and Muller about 500,000 francs.

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