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Venice decides to allow day visitors

Venice decides to allow day visitors

In Venice, future short-term visitors will have to pay an entrance fee on certain days. Yesterday, the local council of the Italian city decided to impose a fee of five euros on tourists who stay only for a few hours and do not spend the night. Organization is scheduled to begin in the spring. In 2024, it will be implemented initially after 30 days when experience shows that there are a particularly large number of visitors. It will be expanded later. Selected dates are still open.

Reuters/Manuel Silvestri

Basically, Venice – one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations – no longer even has 50,000 permanent residents. During peak season, some days the number of travelers more than doubles. Flow has caused major problems for many years. Cruise tourists in particular have been criticized. That’s why there have been considerations about charging admission for a long time. However, the plans are also controversial among residents. The decision was postponed several times.

The plan now is for day visitors to be able to obtain the QR code online and download it to their mobile phones, which must be shown during screenings. Otherwise there are fines ranging from 50 to 300 euros. The city administration justifies the project by saying that there must be a “balance of interests.”

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