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Venice threatens sea level rise by more than a metre

Venice threatens sea level rise by more than a metre

about a meter

severe environmental and economic impact

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Heavy rain causes flooding in Venice.

Climate and marine researchers have warned that sea levels will rise by more than one meter in the Venice region over the next few decades. She added that if climate change is not decisively slowed, an increase of up to 120 centimeters is possible by 2100. An increase of about 170 centimeters was calculated as an extreme scenario.

That came from analysis published this week in the journal Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. Universities from Venice and Lecce in Apulia as well as the Italian Institute for Marine Research (ISMAR) participated in the project. Scientists warn that sea-level rise as a result of climate change must be urgently taken into account in urban planning in Venice and other coastal locations.

Mobile flood protection gates around Venice

The monumental project “Mose”, in which mobile flood gates were built at the three entrances to the port of Venice, is aimed at protecting Venice from flooding. According to scientists’ predictions, the barrier should remain closed for most of the year from 2075 to protect the city from the sea – which would have severe impacts on the environment and economy of the lake city.

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