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Very confident: 5th win in 5th Gruben match

Very confident: 5th win in 5th Gruben match

Tight first half

Sturm Damen entered the match in front of 500 spectators at the venerable Gruabn Stadium with the aim of getting the game on track early. Already in the 13th minute, the women of Graz in the person of Andrea Glebo shot the goal, but the good opportunity was not taken advantage of. Nine minutes later, the right time came: Glebo scored the deserved 1-0 goal (22nd minute). After only two minutes, top scorer Laura Krumbok failed alone in front of goal (24 minutes). The superiority of the Graz women was clear throughout the entire first half, but the match equipment did not want to return to the goal for the second time. So we entered the break with a small lead.

Clear fronts in the second round

The second half started like the first, with the women of Graz prevailing. In the 55th minute, Andrea Gulibeau's best chance was thwarted; After just eight minutes, the Croatian international shot the ball with pinpoint precision and hit the crossbar. But soon after she walked away again in celebration (74). Glebo scored 2-0 in the 74th minute. A few moments later, Mary Spiess passed the ball to Laura Krumbock and the top scorer made it 3-0. The final point was scored again by Krumbock, who made it 4-0 in the 92nd minute. Sturm Damen celebrated their fifth complete success in Gruabn's fifth match.

Coach Sarjun Duran was very satisfied with the match and especially with the performance in the last few weeks and months. “Our goal was clearly to finish the season on a positive note and continue our winning streak in the Gruben – which is very important for us – and we succeeded in both. I am very satisfied with the performance and the result. Overall, I am very proud of the team that, despite the circumstances we went through “Last summer, they really stuck together and we are only three points behind second and third place. Big shout out to my team.”

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