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Victory over Viktoria Cologne 3-2: Elversberg remains on its way to the second division

Victory over Viktoria Cologne 3-2: Elversberg remains on its way to the second division

As of: 10/04/2023 9:04 PM

After a period of stagnation, SV Elversberg is back on its way to the second division. The third-division leaders celebrated their second win in a row with a 3-2 win over Cologne on Monday night – and so can keep the competition at bay in the table.

While SVE dominated the third division for much of the season, the recently promoted side had a poor run with five straight matches without a win. Bring hope for a transformation In the last minute he beat Ferrell 13 Days Ago. And SVE wanted to continue down this path on Monday – even if they had to lay off a few top players like the suspended Fellhauer and Schnellbacher.

Cologne takes the lead two minutes later

However, the home match against Viktoria Köln started with a cold shower. In the second minute, Robin Meissner took the first opportunity to take an early 1-0 lead. However, Elversberg didn’t let that bother him and equalized just ten minutes later through Jannik Rochelt.

Then Elversberg retained control and pushed for the second goal – which Kofi almost managed in the 22nd minute. But he fell just short of Colin Rauhut, who managed to parry a shot from close range.

In the 40th minute SVE got lucky when Handisch didn’t get enough pressure behind the ball after a header in the box and Elversberg managed to clear the recovered number 1 Kristoff without any problems.

SVE turned the game around before halftime

Shortly before the half-time whistle, it was the Saarlanders’ turn again – and this time the ball fell into the goal. Once again Rochelt was involved, this time as an preparer. Waltide scored the goal. Elversberg managed to turn the game around before the break after falling behind early on.

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Even after the break, the league leaders remained the decisive team of the match – and just ten minutes into the second half, Correia increased the deficit to 3-1. After that, the game intensified a little, but Elversberg remained the team that decided the match and even had a chance to make it 4: 1.

Instead, Cologne managed to come back in the 94th minute. However, Hong’s goal came too late to turn the game around again.

SVE extends the lead to seven points

With a second successive win, Elversberg extends their lead at the top of the table over direct chaser Wehen Wiesbaden to seven points – and they also have a game less.

Next weekend the league leaders will have to play away at VfL Osnabrück. With several convincing performances after the winter break, Osnabruck moved up the table and were already dreaming of performing – only recently suffered defeats against Dresden and Munich. However, this should only be an easy task for Horst Steffen’s team, who are slowly but surely making their way back to the road to success.