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Video: Cybertruck's box is a “finger guillotine”

Video: Cybertruck's box is a “finger guillotine”

There have been ghosts since the beginning of the year Youtube And Tik Tok Videos about it show how dangerous a Tesla tailgate can be on our hands. Use different types of vegetables such as carrot or option Many users point out how dangerous the flap is on our hands – a real “finger guillotine”.

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TikToker @_tylerblanchard_ He uses a plastic dummy hand to show in a video how quickly it takes a car's trunk lid to come off your thumb.

Other manufacturers leave the vegetables intact

Some observers criticize this one Design flaws Represent. In comparison, cars from other manufacturers will perform better in the “carrot test.”

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Competitors like Tesla BMW, Toyota or Mercedes They have systems built into their trunks that detect a stuck finger and automatically open the trunk lid again, rather than just the pinch of a finger – or piece of vegetable. However, some believe that in these cases the carrot was simply held at a different angle than in the Cybertruck videos.