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Video showing a triple solar eclipse on Jupiter

Video showing a triple solar eclipse on Jupiter

I be Jupiter A special kind of scene happened recently. Three of the planet’s giant moons – EuropeAnd gennimid And Callisto – It passed through Jupiter at the same time and cast a shadow over the orb.

Christopher JoeAn amateur astronomer in the Philippines captured the scene at midnight on August 15. Planetary scientist Kunio Sayanagi put them together in a video.

Solar eclipses can be seen from the surface of Jupiter in the regions where the shadows of the moons fall. Viewed from the ground, this event is known as the “transit”. Such transits are not uncommon on Jupiter and occur hundreds of times each year. It is rare for all three large moons to pass through at the same time.

like Sayanagi interested in trade He said this was the last time of the year 2015 This was the case. Next time it’s supposed to be triple crossover 2032 Happen or occur.

However, upon closer inspection, the video reveals more than the triple crossing. Something unusual happens halfway. Europa disappears behind the larger moon Ganymede. When it appears again, it is darkened by Ganymede’s shadow, the other half of which is on Jupiter.

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