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VIENNA/ROTENTURM – Up close and personal with Mr. Robbie Williams


It was 8.40pm sharp when Robbie Williams entered the Wiener Stadthalle for the first of two concerts on the Thursday of the previous week. Karina Hallwachs-Halber from Rottenturm and her friend Daniela Glucknitzer Tallucci did not want to miss the appearance of the British star. As the party visit was fixed only at the last minute, the ladies had to make do with the remaining seats, which naturally did not offer the best view. Robbie Williams also saw it this way, who spotted the girls in “Gucci” and summarily ordered them in front of the stage. “Mr. Williams must have seen that we belonged on the stage,” Halwax Halper smiled in an interview with BVZ. “This experience was incredible, we were part of the concert, so to speak,” the Rotenturm resident still can’t believe her luck. And luck certainly played the main role in this story.

Up close and personal with Mr. Robbie Williams

Hug included. Karian Hallwachs-Halper got a hug from Robbie Williams.


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