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Virologist Hendrik Strick: "What Sweden did right...

Virologist Hendrik Strick: “What Sweden did right…

German virologist Hendrik Streeck talks in an interview about the new Omikron variant, past mistakes in the fight against the epidemic, and the “Swedish method” that has been repeatedly criticized.

says Hendrik Strick, director of the Institute of Virology at the University Hospital Bonn and a member of the German government’s expert council. “We know the summer situation, it pretty much means normal life. We don’t know what measures will be necessary for the upcoming winter situation. So we have to get used to the virus. However, at the same time, the virus is also adapting to us.” The hope is that this will make the virus more Long-term inconvenience and lead to more colds, but in return will be less dangerous. “Interview with Hendrik Strick.

PRESS: Former Austrian Health Minister Rudolf Anschober, who resigned over an overhaul, has always referred to the pandemic as a marathon. If we stick to this analogy, which department are we in? Or is the marathon not an appropriate metaphor?

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