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Vitalmacherin helps you: Develop your potential with Vitalschmiede

Vitalmacherin helps you: Develop your potential with Vitalschmiede

Mathematician and bio maker Claudia Golbik-Ruffer helps you become and stay fit, healthy and productive.

Bad Voslau. Sports scientist Claudia Golbeck-Rover supports bringing vitality to life.

Do you already have the vitality you need for your life?

“I support you in developing your physical and mental potential so that you become vital to your life and remain so until old age! matter where you are now!” matter how old you are!”, says Claudia Golbeck-Rover

Functional – solid – joyful

..Do you know this?

  • ..You feel increasingly stiff and unable to move and the restrictions on movement are increasing?
  • …Were your concentration and memory better too?
  • ..Somehow everything has become slower and tougher and you are no longer as flexible and productive as you used to be?
  • …wearing socks or shoes while standing and picking up things from the ground has become a real challenge?
  • …You don't feel comfortable in your body anymore?

..How do you want to move and feel in 20, 30, 40 years? ..How fit and energetic do you want to be?

what if..

  • ….Can you (re)gain the vitality, agility, and performance you need for your life?
  • …if someone would help you understand what your body and mind really need and stay fit, healthy and productive? …Will someone support you in recognizing and reducing your shortcomings, in developing your performance optimally and in developing your full potential?
Claudia Golbeck Rover: "Exercise helps me keep my body healthy and fit and gives me the energy and vitality I need for my life!" |  Photo: Vitalshmedi

…Let's develop your potential together!

My name is Claudia Golbeck-Rover, a mathematician, bio-maker and passionate exerciser! I personally belong to the over 50 target group, my biological age is around 30 and definitely fitter than I was when I was 40! offer for more vitality in your life!

..for whom?

  • …for people who still have a lot to plan, who want to be fit and energetic now and in the future and enjoy their life to the fullest!
  • …For people who want to have more vitality, energy and performance in their daily lives, lives and hobbies,
  • …for people who want to know what their body really needs to become and remain effective,
  • …for people who want to reduce the current restrictions and be more agile,
  • …for people who want to stay biologically young, enjoy a toned body, greater self-confidence, and enjoy life!
  • …for people who definitely want to change something, who want to leave their comfort zone and need some support?
Fit and full of energy.  |  Photo: Vitalshmedi

Potential analysis
…Using vital examination (movement analysis, current performance, stress analysis,…) we record your current condition and see where your deficits and potentials lie.

Plan strategy
…Based on the current case study, we develop a plan that reduces existing deficits or limitations and develops your physical and mental performance Become.

..Get to work!
Bio training
Training (individual, pair training, group training or small group training)
Workshops and seminars
Functional – solid – joyful

Vitalschmid: The experience of movement.  |  Photo: Vitalshmedi

..Your body is a miracle, find out what it really needs to become fit, healthy and energetic or to survive into old age! ..For more energy, vitality and joy of life!!

Online offers

Golbik-Ruffer offers online For 0 euros

  • Your “energetic calendar” containing monthly vitality tips, vitality snacks, exercises, recipes and much more
  • “Move for Youth Formula”: With the help of “Move for Youth Formula” you will discover what your body and mind need to remain effective, mobile and energetic into old age.
  • From December: Get the “Vitalschmiede Advent Calendar” here: 24 ideas on how to stay young and energetic longer. 24 days, 24 vitality hacks and workout tips (from head to toe), inspiration and suggestions on how to reduce your biological age, increase your vitality and make the most of the year ahead.
Learn what the body really needs.  |  Photo: Vitalshmedi

Motion experience:

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