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Vitamin D: deficiency even in summer

Vitamin D: deficiency even in summer

About 8.3 percent of all people are deficient in vitamin D, even during the summer months. In the fall it is 19.3%.

Records of Vitamin D 2000 and 7000 IU are suitable for daily or weekly supply in case of increased need. The small, soft capsules are easy to swallow and contain Vitamin D3 Made with sustainably grown algae with sunflower oil for optimal absorption. The softgels are vegan and free of lactose, gluten, sugar and colorings.

Vitamin D Loges Vegetable Lipids enable individual doses of up to 4000 IU per day. Liposomal technology can increase the bioavailability of vitamin D3 to improve. One milliliter of liquid contains 20 micrograms of vitamin D3 (800 international units).

Weekly Vitamin D 5600IU and 5600IU Fruit Stores Pulses correspond to the appropriate reference value for vitamin D from one year with 800IU per day. Vitamin D Records 5600 IU Rush combines Vitamin D3 Plus beta-glucan and elderberry extract. Geltabs technology supports the absorption of Vitamin D and enables it to be taken independently of meals.

Sunscreens with SPF 30 block vitamin D synthesis by more than 95 percent. At the same time, the modern lifestyle with PC work, digital leisure activities, all-day schools and home office means that adults and children spend very little time outdoors to synthesize enough vitamin D. The comprehensive Vitamin-D-Loges® range offers tailored solutions.

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