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Volcanic eruption in the Congo: Population return despite danger

Volcanic eruption in the Congo: Population return despite danger

The reason for giving them miserable living conditions in the evacuation camps, as media reported on Saturday, the situation at the volcano is still very dangerous.

The 3,470-meter-high Nyiragongo volcano, which is considered one of the most active volcanoes in the world, erupted again on May 22. Its crater rises only 20 kilometers north of the huge city of Goma. Part of the lava had rolled towards Goma, but then stopped 300 meters from the border city airport.


Residents are provided with the basics.

Photo: Alexis Huggett (AFP)

Many residents fled their homes in panic. The military governor of North Kivu ordered the evacuation of ten districts in Jumas Thursday morning. Tens of thousands of people were forced to spend the night outdoors.

On Saturday, Congolese authorities reported another volcanic eruption, but later corrected their information as a false alarm. The Ministry of Communications initially reported a low-intensity volcanic eruption on the side of Nyamulagera volcano, just north of Nyiragongo. It was later said that all the smoke from burning wood was mistakenly perceived as volcanic activity.

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