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Volksbank Judenburg: opening of the “Bank of the Future”

Volksbank Judenburg: opening of the “Bank of the Future”

Volksbank Judenburg has become the new adventure house bank. After opening on April 17, there will be two weeks of get-to-know-you days for customers, employees, and anyone interested.

Godenburg. The transformation is almost complete. the Volksbank Judenburg Become the new Adventure House Bank and celebrate it April 17-28 With introductory days for all interested parties, customers and employees. Branch Manager Michaela Jansenberg and vice Silvia Escher We invite you to.

  • How happy are you with this close to opening?

Silvia Escher: At least eleven on a scale of one to ten.
Michaela Jansenberger: The joy is not great for both of us, but also for all employees. We recently took our first tour and got to see the dimensions and buildings for the first time. Now you really understand the concept. None of our employees wanted to leave. In our minds, we have already acknowledged everything. The way we work will also change in the future.

  • The next opening will also be a problem for customers?

Jansenberg: In any case!
Escher: Some of them are already standing next to the painting and want to get a first glimpse.
Jansenberg: We have already informed all clients and invited them to the introductory days. We will then explain the new concept and there will be guided tours. There will be a double win for customers: there is a new bank and a competition where you can win experiences.

  • What will happen at the construction site until opening?

Jansenberg: All that’s left are the finishing touches with new furniture and a foyer. We also have to settle for what follows the final cleaning.

  • With the opening, the Adventure House Bank will be integrated with the new digital concept?
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Escher: exactly. There will also be a virtual tour of our website where you can see the bank in 360 degrees. This is linked to our digital offering and a Service Manager and Digital Ambassador are available to provide support.

  • What is the last message before opening?

Jansenberg: We invite everyone to experience the new Adventure House Bank for themselves. Indulge in and book an experience. We are extraordinary.
Escher: At the same time, we would like to thank our employees, customers, neighbors and all those affected for their patience, effort and solidarity. We’ve had a construction site in the city center for six months – and this is a huge turning point. thanks for understanding.

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