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Volunteer work and associations –

Volunteer work and associations –

Volunteer work and associations

Langenegg can look back on a colorful variety of clubs. The number has increased significantly over the past 100 years, with the community now boasting over 25 clubs and initiative groups. The volunteer fire department, the music club, the theater club, the fruit growing club, the shooting club, as well as the comrades’ association can look back on a very long history. While the clubs used to be for men only, this has fortunately changed over time. The clubs have always been very popular and still have many members today. Over the past 100 years, the community has also played its part in creating the infrastructure for the clubs. Additional club funding supports the work of the club.

In recent years, clubs have increasingly focused on youth work. Almost every club has something for children and young people, which is a very valuable leisure activity. Children are taught social skills and the importance of volunteering at an early age.

The clubs are connected through a volunteer team that has created a communication platform. In addition to the twice-yearly inter-club dialogue, the clubs also communicate with each other digitally.

There is also a lot of volunteer work going on in Langenig outside the clubs. Countless volunteers do their service to the public without much notice. Road officers, gardeners, watermen and many more are willing to invest their time in volunteer work. So volunteering has many faces for us. Volunteering is the glue of the community.