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Von der Leyen and Macron: Cooperation with China is important

Von der Leyen and Macron: Cooperation with China is important

At the beginning of the visit of Head of State and Party Leader Xi Jinping to Europe, France and the European Union are relying on joint efforts with China to solve major global problems. “China is important for the European Union to address major global challenges,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said today at the beginning of a trilateral meeting with Xi and French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace in Paris.

She cited the common struggle against the climate crisis as an example. “In addition, both China and the EU have a common interest in peace and security and in the effective functioning of the rules-based international order.”

Xi: Deepening the partnership

Xi also said that the world is witnessing turbulent changes. Therefore, China and Europe should deepen their partnership and enhance mutual trust. Xi also urged that China and the EU should promote the stable and healthy development of their relations so as to contribute to global peace and development.

Macron also stressed that “the international situation makes the European-Chinese dialogue more necessary than ever.” He added: “The future of our continent will depend on our ability to continue developing balanced relations with China, which is our will.”

Macron said the talks should initially focus on relations between Europe and China at the trade level, with fair competition and access to markets and investments. He added: “Then it comes to Ukraine and the Middle East, which are two major crises in which coordination between us is extremely important.”

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