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VW ID.7 in SN test: surprisingly cheap

VW ID.7 in SN test: surprisingly cheap

VW has done a lot right with the electric counterpart to the long-term Passat.

Now it's finally available to buy, Volkswagen's first electric sedan, and it's essentially the electric equivalent of the Passat.

The VW ID.7 Pro cuts a good figure

The ID.7 actually cuts a good number in direct comparison with the Passat. Inside, the top model impresses with its large size. Not only in the front, but also in the trunk and especially in the rear seats, feudal conditions prevail throughout.

The ID.7's head-up display is a real game-changer

Even when it comes to the thorny topic of ergonomics, the new character of the Stromer range is on a premium level. The 15-inch screen makes the updated operating system optimally usable, and the latter is now more stable. Even the much-criticized touch slider is now backlit. There are only details worth criticizing, such as the complicated operation of the air nozzles via a submenu. However, the real game-changer is the head-up display that has excellently implemented augmented reality elements. Wrong turns are now a thing of the past.

VW ID.7: An unenthusiastic touring sedan with acceptable fuel economy

When it comes to driving behavior, the ID.7 positions itself as a quiet sedan for cruising. The aerodynamics of the flat body, which is better than that of an SUV in the world, combined with the most efficient electric motor, guarantee a completely acceptable practical consumption of about 19 kWh – at sub-zero temperatures, pay attention. The official WLTP value of 612 kilometers remains fictitious, but it is possible to cover more than 400 kilometers using the 77 kWh battery even in winter.

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The only arguments against an unconditional buy recommendation are the options announced for the current year called Tourer (station wagon), GTX (all-wheel drive) and the larger 86 kWh battery for more range.

In the test: VW ID.7 Pro

Five-seat electric sedan, 210 kW/286 hp, automatic, rear-wheel drive. Trunk 532-1586 litres, 2176 kg, battery 77 kWh (net), consumption WLTP 14.1 kWh, in test 19.3 kWh, maximum charging power 175 kW, prices: from 59,990 euros, test car: 74,914.40 euros.

What we like about the VW ID.7 Pro: The driving experience, space and workmanship are absolutely first class.

What you like least: Ida's voice assistant interrupts conversations several times without being asked to do so.

What surprises: The ID.7 is relatively cheap for its size and range.

Ideal for: We ask frequent travelers for a good offer on roaming charging.