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“We couldn't learn much from him.”

“We couldn't learn much from him.”

Path of Exile is Diablo's biggest competitor and has been for many years. The team is currently working on the second part and is of course watching Diablo 4. However, in the interview, the president now says: They could not extract any really new insights from it, and the most important points were already known in advance.

This is what Path of Exile says:

This is what the leader says: At Summer Game Fest, game director Jonathan Rogers Interview with VG247 I talked about the development of Path of Exile 2. Among other things, it was about what the team could learn from Diablo 4.

Right now, Diablo 4 is doing very well thanks to Season 4 and is receiving a lot of praise. On Steam, new records are being set even in the middle of the season. However, Rogers says there was not much to learn from Blizzard:

Most important of all, we were able to validate decisions we already trusted. We've always been skeptical about open worlds in video games. I know they can work for certain things, but for action RPGs in particular, I'm not a fan of them. I always thought it couldn't work and I never liked that aspect of Diablo 4.

I think dungeons are much better than open world and the open world holds that back a bit. So that reinforced my opinion.

All you could have learned was something you already knew and had done before, Rogers says. For example, the elusive role was something Path of Exile had already planned before Diablo 4 was released: “It's simply a modern action game.”

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In general, you don't want to copy anything, you look at what's good and see that it's the new standard that players now expect.

Path of Exile 2: Console trailer with couch co-op

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“I hope people can play without a subscription.”

In one The second part of the interview on VG247 Rogers continues to talk about Path of Exile 2 being developed and released on PlayStation and Xbox. The question was asked if you needed a PS Plus subscription because it was a service game.

“That's not our hope right now,” Rogers says. “PS Plus has been declared essential, but they want to get away from that as soon as possible.”

The developers announced Path of Exile 2 with cross-play and cross-progression in the new trailer, but there are some difficulties that still need to be resolved – at least when it comes to in-game purchases.

“In general, there will be no problems between PoE 1 and PoE 2 on the same platform,” the interview said […] But when it comes to cross-platform monetization, it's a bit of a minefield. We do it the best we can.”

Big content is coming for both Path of Exile and Diablo in 2024. Path of Exile 2 is the ARPG that thousands of fans have been waiting for for years. Diablo 4 will get its first expansion, Vessel of Hatred, later this year. If you don't know which game to play, here's a little help: Diablo 4, Path of Exile, Last Epoch – which RPG should I play?