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We expect these features for 2024

We expect these features for 2024

Messenger giant WhatsApp has some new features in the pipeline. What can users expect in 2024?

The colors and design of an app are crucial to its recognition value. Messaging giant WhatsApp It has been consistent since its founding 15 years ago green Set and now it is Green speech bubble with telephone receiver He became a global icon. But they seem willing to cater to users' desires for customization. What's next to you? Redesign 2024 Anything can happen to WhatsApp users.

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Screenshots of WhatsApp's redesign were published in the summer

Alleged screenshots of the redesign that changed the filter options and one in the Android version have been floating around the internet since last summer Move the toolbar from the top to the bottom of the screen. The latter is already the case with the iOS version.

However, the option that has been making the biggest waves in recent weeks and months is… To be able to change the basic colors of the messaging app. iOS also brings blue, white, black, pink, and purple colors – instead of the usual green. Many observers expect this functionality to move out of beta and into implementation in 2024.

Shared music streaming and AI features

Also currently in beta there is an option Integrate music streaming apps into video calls. It is primarily aimed at friends and families on video calls, but may also be useful in some professional sectors. So if a conversation participant plays a song or video in another app, everyone can hear the audio. This job is also expected in 2024.

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Given the insane pace of development of artificial intelligence (AI), it is likely that the language model will reach the messaging application by 2024. The open source language model Llama 2, developed by parent company Meta, will be compatible with WhatsApp, even if there is no final clarity about How to do it. The logical step would be to integrate the chatbot into a messaging app that sits among other contacts like a regular chat.

There is also a lot of speculation online about Llama 2's other areas of activity within WhatsApp. For example, one tester demonstrates a language model On the Reddit platformHow he trained him to respond to WhatsApp messages in the laboratory’s writing and speaking style. But users could also get an AI update as early as 2024 when it comes to creating their own emojis and stickers.

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New channel features since mid-January

In addition, WhatsApp developers continue to work on the channel functionality that was introduced last September. Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg, 39, announced more innovations to the feature via his WhatsApp channel on Wednesday, some of which are still in beta, such as conducting surveys. Many people will soon be able to become channel administrators. However, the option to share voice messages within the channel has already been made available since Zuckerberg's announcement.