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Unterwegs auf der Vienna Comic Con 22 bei der FM4 Indie Insel

We roam through FM4 Indie Island in VIECC

Whether it’s a cosplay player, a comic fan, a rookie or a superhero: they all come together when playing Austrian indie games.

to Robert Glachtner

It feels good here on Vienna Comic Con. It is an ideal place for a variety show of Austrian indie video games, for FM4 Indie Island. Sure, the showroom itself isn’t particularly exciting, but there’s room for that here! A space to roam, carry on and of course play.

13 project games We deliver here on the independent island, and there’s a lot more there: container loading collaborations, dragon adventures, time travel, spaceship coordination, virtual reality thrills, avatar chatting, and much more. Because after a three-year hiatus, many visitors* from a variety of nerd communities have come in droves, and the steps are always busy. Everyone gets their hands on the controller and keyboard, regardless of age and outfit.

Interviews in the FM4 game room

We present all 13 indie island game projects and the developers behind them in relaxing interviews in the FM4 game room.

Stream Saturday in the can (including the cosplayer bonus at the end!), Sunday we start again at 12:30pm.

  • 12:30 Zhang Xue from VIECC
  • 13:00 Chunky
  • 13:20 whales
  • 13:40 We’re screwed!
  • 15:00 fake legions
  • 15:20 Banta Ri
  • 15:40 riot episode
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