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Weather warning: Snow falls in the east as it has not been seen in ten years

Weather warning: Snow falls in the east as it has not been seen in ten years

When Michele Salmi, a meteorologist at the Ubimet Center for Severe Weather, talks about what the future holds for Vienna as of tomorrow, you can say it’s serious: “We are facing the strongest snow event in the past 10 years,” says the weather expert.

Weather models show ten centimeters of fresh snow for the inner city of Vienna. And this is not enough: for northern Burgenland, Weinviertel and the upper regions of Vienna, even 30 cm is expected. “We were surprised ourselves, because typical calculations only developed in that direction this morning,” Salmi says. “Even if something changes here, surely the areas mentioned expect 15cm of fresh snow during the day.” Postscript: “That would be strong.”

Italy’s lowest was to blame, which on Thursday moved through Hungary towards Poland and brought a good load of fresh snow in large parts of the country. “Such a spectacular snow event occurred in the eastern and southeastern flatlands last time in the winter of 2012/13, and thus nearly ten years ago,” adds Manfred Spatzier, Uppimet’s chief meteorologist.

70 cm of fresh snow in the Carnic Alps

While this amount of snow in the East means one thing above all – chaos, the West can look forward to a good base for the holidays. Mrs. Holly does indeed send warm regards from here on a Wednesday afternoon or evening. Initially in Vorarlberg, East Tyrol, Tyrol and Carinthia. Then snowfall spreads across the country on Thursday evening. Which should be especially noticeable in early morning traffic.