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Web makes a rare phenomenon visible

Web makes a rare phenomenon visible

© JWST / MIRI / Judy Schmidt

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) continues to show us new images from the universe. It took this time infrared telescope Above the star, the strangergrowth rings“We take.

The star, in fact it pair of stars by name WR140located at a distance of 5600 light-years in the zodiac sign swan. The interaction between the two stars creates toroidal patterns JWST Captured in amazing detail.

rare star dance

The constellation consists of “extremely rare”Wolf Right Star‘, a rapidly aging star that is already spewing much of its mass into space. As a result, the lives of Wolf-Rayet stars are very short. All in the Milky Way are only round 220 known about him. Most of them are hiding in clouds of dust.

The Wolf Wright star, also known as the “stellar wind machine”.

The second star is equally rare Oh write a star. These stars are among the largest, hottest, and brightest stars in science. Also, their lifespan is relatively short. Both stars have extra strength starry windswhere the particles as in coronal mass ejection Our sun blocks it.

“Annual rings” caused by stellar winds

Come these two stars in orbitals Its stellar winds collide, emitting X-ray-like radiation. In addition, it arises from particle collision carbon dustwhich absorbs the ultraviolet rays of the stars. Carbon dust heats up, which in turn infrared light radiate. This is recognized by the Webb telescope.

Dust is moving more and more outward, forming “annual rings” around the star system. like the stars Every 7.94 years circle, you can calculate the life of the “annual rings”. The 20 episodeswhich can be seen in the recording, corresponds to the “star tango dance” from about 160 years. He was making the smallest ring 2016 Note.

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