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Wednesday Night Prayer Orchestra –

Wednesday Night Prayer Orchestra –

Wednesday Night Prayer Orchestra

Composer and saxophonist Ludwig Bekisch brings together the most diverse figures from the Vienna jazz scene in his Wednesday Night Prayer Orchestra. As much as the sixteen celebrated musicians from three generations seem to come together here, the sound of this ambitious band is rich in contrast.

It's a tribute to the ORF Big Band. Perhaps known to many only as a commercial radio orchestra, this institution that originated in the 1970s has acquired an extensive contemporary jazz repertoire. A comprehensive archive of her works is now available in the library of the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. The Wednesday Night Prayer Orchestra brings some arrangements and works from its own pens to the stage.

From duet improvisation to swing-era dance, from revered brass choirs to orgy screams, from blues through bass to new music, and your own compositions known from a hundred years of big band tradition. A young, healthy body does not have to suffer from fear of contact.

Since its founding at the beginning of 2023, the Wednesday Night Prayer Orchestra has been in close contact with its audience in weekly workshop concerts held at the Little Stage on the outskirts of Vienna. What started as an insider tip is currently developing into a new meeting place for the Vienna jazz scene.


Robert Schrock – alto saxophone
Ludwig Bekić – alto saxophone, band leader
Jacob Gingler – tenor saxophone
Christian Goncior – tenor saxophone
Monica Geyer – baritone saxophone
Marcus Beckmann – trumpet
Walter Fiend – trumpet
Thomas Berghammer – trumpet
Lukas Härtl – trumpet
Phil Yeager – trombone
Karel Eriksson – trombone
Matthias Sindelhofer – trombone
Christina Lachberger – bass trombone
Stephanie Weninger – piano
Helen Glucksham – double vocals
Lukas Eichinger – drums

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Wednesday Night Prayer Orchestra